Kazuo Kitamura  

Class of the 6rd year graduate ,former Public Employee

Karate is the love of my life.



I cannot imagine that I am still practicing Karate that I accidentally encountered 45 years ago. I always found the place to practice Karate wherever I lived. In Saga I joined the Japan Karate Association and Okinawa Goju style Karate Dojo in Miyazaki. I have participated in the prefectural Karate competition held annually. These days I participate in the practice session held by the Chuo University OB club in Tokyo 4 times a year. I have met many wonderful people through Karate and I enjoyed their comradeship.


I now practice Karate to maintain my health and my mental strength. Kata movement of my squeaking 64 year old body is a little bit sluggish. My wife watches my Kata practice with a look of pity. This make me realize that my glorious days were gone a long time ago.After Karate practice I feel refreshed and regain my inner strength.


Karate is the great enjoyable sports. Viva Karate!