Shigetoshi Kobayashi 

               Former president of Media Company

Rediscovered the sprit of Karate in NY


Move big!


Do not constrain your move within the small imaginary space surrounding you.  Use your space effectively with the big movement.


I heard Mori sensei’s assuring voice at Wakukai Dojo of Chuo University while I was a college student. Who could have imagined that I would again be hearing the same familiar assuring voice in a far away land of the New York.  In the fall of 1996, our branch office of broadcasting service in New York, Atlanta, Washington, and Los Angeles were incorporated.  I was transferred to New York Office to start the new media company: TV Asahi America.  Soon after I arrived New York I was consumed with the cultural difference and the differences in business practice including tax, accounting, registration process of the company in addition to various regulatory issues.  During these struggling time I remembered that Mori-sensei’s dojo was located 47th Upper East  Manhattan only 15 minutes drive away from my house and I  joined the Karate class.  This turned out to be the best move I made in my entire life.   I gradually regained my confidence and mental as well as physical strength through the practice session with the students who’s background varied from a house wife to CEO of the large company.  Their attitude toward the Karate was admirable.  Karate practice begins with bow and ends with bow.  This spirit of mutual respect could be observed everywhere in the dojo.   I have received valuable advice and encouragement from fellow students.  TV Asahi America was successfully launched.  Now TV Asahi is the essential news media in Japanese TV program.   I could not have succeeded without my mental and physical strength, work ethic,  most importantly the sprit of mutual respect that I have developed through Karate.  


The college life is only four years  but it could have significant impact  on you life.  Yes.  A mere 4 years in college can make the difference in your life.